Sustainable Finance Programme starts on 08 July

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ESG, which stands for ‘Environmental, Social, and Governance’, has become a hot topic in the financial world. ESG can help push for change; it is a set of standards against which a business or an investment can be measured to evaluate a company’s environmental and social impact. Our range of qualifications and courses will help you expand your ESG knowledge and stay ahead in your field."

Caitlin Andrade, Professional Development & Events Manager


ESG training and qualifications

CFA Certificate in ESG Investing

Professional Qualification


Awarded by CFA UK, the Certificate in ESG Investing is designed for investment professionals looking to analyse and integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) dynamics into investing. ESG investing makes up around 25% of global managed assets, which is likely to grow significantly.

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2021 Sustainable Finance Programme

Professional Development


The 2021 Sustainable Finance Programme will explore the role of the international financial services industry in shifting capital to assets that avoid contributing to climate change, pollution and human rights abuses, and that promote the building of a resilient economy for crisis-resilient long-term value creation. This programme will explore how regulation is evolving with the exponential growth in demand for ESG solutions, the importance of governance and, put simply, whether investors can change the fate of the world.

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