BPP eLearning

We have taken the vast knowledge and experience of our subject matter experts and combined it with sophisticated BPP Learning Management System to create our range of eLearning modules. We believe that knowledge is key to driving behaviour; our learning tools are designed to act as a catalyst to knowledge and equip staff to be more effective in their role.

Our eLearning solutions are specifically designed for financial services businesses and are available across multiple jurisdictions. With our comprehensive and topical range of ‘off-the-shelf’ modules, designed and used by industry experts, you can be sure you are receiving relevant and up-to-date training. Providing flexible and accessible learning solutions in a cost-effective manner, our eLearning puts you in control. Our Learner Management System (LMS) provides the ability to record learner progress and evidence completion of learning.



Modules can be completed at the learner's own convenience.


Our LMS provides full auditability of learner progress.


Jurisdiction-specific modules are available.


Learning Management System

Our interactive modules are hosted on our sophisticated BPP Learning Management System, providing full auditability of learner progress. Modules include a final assessment comprised of Multiple-Choice Questions. Upon successful completion of a module and assessment, a CPD certificate will be issued certifying the user’s training.


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The learning demands of students and organisations are ever changing and as technology evolves it presents opportunities to create innovative products and services to further meet the training requirements of students and employers. Our eLearning is designed to create an engaging learning environment, within which learners can fully immerse themselves in the subject matter and maintain their attention throughout. Our eLearning product suite achieves this with the use of interactive modules built upon relevant and topical content which collectively builds learners’ confidence in their understanding of the topic.

By including eLearning as a part of a blend of learning interactions and experiences, organisations engage employees in bite-sized, continuous upskilling, in a manner which is efficient and effective. Organisations that cultivate an ongoing skills development culture by keeping pace with policy and technological changes will perform strongest in an ever more competitive marketplace."

Andrew Horbury, Head of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency/Lecturer in AML and Financial Crime


eLearning modules

Cybersecurity Awareness

Financial services organisations are considered high-reward opportunities for cybercriminals and as such their employees are seen in hacking circles as prime targets. This eLearning module will provide a non-technical awareness of cybersecurity threats and risk mitigation best practice, addressing the weakest link – people.


Anti Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing

Employees are either an organisation’s best defense against anti-money laundering, or its weakest link. Written by leading financial crime prevention experts, this module contains interactive practical examples, outlining the risk-based approach to anti-money laundering and introducing some of the standard processes and procedures that apply when a firm takes a risk-based approach to customer due diligence.