STEP Diploma in International Trust Management

Professional Qualification


The STEP Diploma is recognised worldwide as the benchmark qualification for those working in the international trusts arena, and provides a practical approach to the issues that arise in the international trusts industry, and an overview of the legislation, principles and practices in your local jurisdiction and internationally.

The course comprises four Advanced Certificates, that each take 4-6 months to complete.

As part of the STEP Qualifications and Membership Framework (QMF), applicants will be required to have gained 60 Entry Level credits prior to enrolling. Entry Level credits can be gained through completion of Entry Level Certificates and/or accreditation of prior certificated or experiential learning. It is recommended that applicants have, as a minimum, knowledge of the basic principles of trust law and practice.

STEP Open Evening

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If you would like further information about this qualification, why not come along to the STEP Open Evening?

The STEP Open Evening will allow you to explore the programmes and development pathways available, whilst providing you with a platform to network with other industry practitioners, and meet members of the CLTI/STEP team.

Suitable For

Practitioners involved in international wealth management using trusts, companies and a variety of other methods, or people who would like to enter into this area of work.

02 Mar 2020 (Diploma 3) 02 Sep 2019 (Diploma 2) 04 Nov 2019 (Diploma 1) 09 Sep 2019 (Diploma 4)
This course is delivered through CLTI’s online learning platform and local face-to-face tuition. Each Advanced Certificate takes 4-6 months to complete and is assessed through a three-hour, closed-book examination.

STEP Diploma in International Trust Management

Date: 02 Mar 2020 (Diploma 3)
Cost: £1,625 (plus UK VAT if applicable) for each Diploma paper
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STEP Diploma in International Trust Management

Date: 02 Sep 2019 (Diploma 2)
Cost: £1,625 (plus UK VAT if applicable) for each Diploma paper
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STEP Diploma in International Trust Management

Date: 04 Nov 2019 (Diploma 1)
Cost: £1,625 (plus UK VAT if applicable) for each Diploma paper
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STEP Diploma in International Trust Management

Date: 09 Sep 2019 (Diploma 4)
Cost: £1,625 (plus UK VAT if applicable) for each Diploma paper
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Dates And Syllabus

STEP Diploma 1 – Trust Creation: Law And Practice


Enrolment closing date: 05 Jul 2019
Face-to-face course: 04–07 Nov 2019
Examination: 08 Nov 2019


  • Module 1: Review of the Trust Concept
  • Module 2: Marketing Trust Services and Accepting New Business
  • Module 3: Anti-Money Laundering: The Proceeds of Crime
  • Module 4: Anti-Money Laundering: Countering Terrorist Financing, Tax Evasion and Civil Liability
  • Modules 5 and 6: The Trust Instrument
  • Module 7: Choice of Law to Govern the Trust
  • Module 8: The Role and Status of a Protector
  • Module 9: Estate Planning and Forced Heirship Issues
  • Module 10: Asset Protection Trusts
  • Module 11: Purpose Trusts
  • Module 12: Private Foundations

STEP Diploma 3 – Trust Administration and Accounts


Enrolment closing date: 01 Nov 2019
Face-to-face course: 02–05 Mar 2020
Examination: 06 Mar 2020


  • Module 1: Introduction to the Law in Relation to Trust Bookkeeping and the Preparation of Periodic Trust Accounts
  • Module 2: Introduction to Trustee's Record Keeping
  • Module 3: Trust Accounts
  • Module 4: Accounts of Offshore Asset-Holding Companies Underlying a Trust
  • Module 5: Trust Management – Reserved Powers and ‘Sham’
  • Module 6: Trustee Investment – Law and Practice
  • Module 7: Managing Trust Assets I – Stocks, Shares and other Securities
  • Module 8: Managing Trust Assets II – Real Estate
  • Module 9: Managing Trust Assets III – Movable Chattels
  • Module 10: Managing Trust Assets IV – A Controlling Interest in the Settlor’s Family Business Empire
  • Module 11: Distributions – Law, Practice and Procedure
  • Module 12: Confidentiality and Compulsory Disclosure
  • Module 13: Variation and Termination of Trusts

STEP Diploma 2 – Company Law and Practice


Enrolment closing date: 03 May 2019
Face-to-face course: 02–05 Sep 2019
Examination: 06 Sep 2019


  • Module 1: An Introduction to Company Law and Practice
  • Module 2: Characteristics of a Company
  • Module 3: Company Formation and Related Issues
  • Module 4: The Company’s Constitution
  • Module 5: Capital
  • Module 6: Directors Part I – Role, Appointment and Removal of Directors
  • Module 7: Directors Part II – Directors’ Powers and Duties
  • Module 8: Other Officers of a Company: Secretary and Registered Agent
  • Module 9: Company Decision-making Procedures
  • Module 10: Taxation of Companies: Tax Planning
  • Module 11: The Provision of Company Management Services in Offshore Centres
  • Module 12: Regulation of Company Management Business
  • Module 13: Termination of Companies

STEP Diploma 4 – Trustee Investment and Financial Appraisal


Enrolment closing date: 10 May 2019
Face-to-face course: 09–12 Sep 2019
Examination: 13 Jan 2019


  • Module 1: Trustee Investment: An Introductory Overview
  • Module 2: Investing in Cash and the Money Markets
  • Module 3: An Introduction to the Bond Markets
  • Module 4: Types of Bond
  • Module 5: The Equity Markets
  • Module 6: Investment Analysis
  • Module 7: Financial Appraisal and the Use of Ratio Analysis
  • Module 8: Collective Investment Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Module 9: Options and Derivatives Markets
  • Module 10: Futures

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