2020 Anti-Money Laundering CPD Seminar Series (16:00 - 17:00)

Professional Development


Achieving your statutory AML CPD can be a challenge. The aim of this series is to provide practical and relevant CPD in a lively format. The topics covered are crucial for building and maintaining your knowledge in today’s fast-moving environment.

Designed to be flexible around you, these sessions run three times a day allowing you to choose a time that suits your busy schedule.

Each session is repeated at:
8am–9am, 1pm–2pm, 4pm–5pm

Suitable For

This series will be of interest to anyone working in the finance sector, including MLCOs, MLROs, anti-financial crime specialists, compliance professionals, directors and those working in risk management.

11 Feb 2020 - 08 Dec 2020
12 CPD hours
12 x 1-hour seminars over 12 months

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Starting: 11 Feb 2020

Cost: GBP 495.00


Timings: 16:00-17:00 (Registration from 15:45)
Venue: Jersey International Business School


  • Affordable, quality CPD
  • Flexibility
    • times to suit your busy schedule
    • delegate places are interchangeable between employees of the same organisation
  • Certificates of attendance are provided

Programme Content

Sessions can be booked individually as required or as a complete programme.

Underlying beneficial ownership registers – where are we now? Where are we going?

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  • A review of the key issues including the three tier test
  • The Crown Dependency announcement
  • Implications for Corporate Services Providers

Less bark, more bite – a review of legislative and regulatory developments

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  • Developments in law enforcement interventions
  • The regulator’s new ‘teeth’ – personal accountability
  • Corporate criminal liability

In the line of fire – who wants to be an MLRO?

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  • Case studies in MLRO actions
  • How you can protect yourself and the business
  • MLRO personal risk considerations

Is technology the silver bullet for financial crime?

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  • A review of current technological solutions
  • Regulatory considerations
  • How to develop a solid approach to the management of financial crime using technology

Civil forfeiture, UWO & the future of the facilitation of bribery and corruption

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  • A review of recent legislative developments
  • Why bribery and corruption risk management is the next ‘big thing’
  • The role of Unexplained Wealth Orders in driving legal and regulatory action

CDD – have you got all the pieces to the puzzle?

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  • Understanding the chain of risk
  • Why your CDD procedures might be your biggest risk
  • Case studies in failure – what can we learn?

The Kleptocrat’s Laundromat – how international money laundering really works

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  • From Russia with Cash – how Russian organised crime groups launder money
  • Dirty money – how international criminal groups abuse financials services
  • Danske to Swedbank – who’s next in the global game of money laundering

Wilful blindness and financial crime – where were the board?

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  • What the board is meant to do
  • Case studies in corporate governance failure
  • What the regulator expects in respect of corporate governance

Terrorist financing – ‘not in my backyard…’

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  • Why CFT isn’t what you think
  • The lone wolves and the business of terrorism
  • Managing your CFT risk – what to look for

Tit-for-tat – keeping up with politically driven sanctions

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  • A review of recent sanctions updates
  • Mr Trump and Mr Kim, friends in the making?
  • Managing your sanctions risk

Corporate Criminal Liability – are your policies adequate, reasonable or both?

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  • Recent developments to legislation
  • Standard Bank vs SFO – lessons learnt
  • How effective is effective when it comes to policy and procedure?

You heard it here first – what might 2021 hold?

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  • A review of 2020
  • Likely future path of regulation pre-Moneyval
  • What every financial services professional should know