Creating an effective team

Professional Development


Teams form building blocks of organisations to deliver competitive advantage. However, in order to do so managers need to define a common goal, understand how people want to work together and the behaviours required to develop better team performance This session will focus on the diverse roles required to build a successful team and how to develop the team into a harmonious unit

Suitable For

This course is designed for new or prospective managers looking for the opportunity for guided reflection and improvement.

2 CPD hours
2 hours

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Learning Outcomes

Having attended this course, delegates will:

  • Be able to transform work groups into effective teams.
  • Be able to build, develop and motivate teams and create an atmosphere of understanding and co-operation for outstanding results.
  • Understand the combination of attitudes and behaviours required for an effective team.


  • Introduction
  • What is a team?
  • The purpose of a team
  • Organisational alignment
  • Characteristics
  • Attitudes and behaviours of a good team player
  • Attitudes and behaviours of a good team leader
  • Group cohesiveness
  • Team roles
  • The need for diversity within the team
  • How a team evolves
  • Team selection
  • Moving a team through the stages of development
  • Empowering teams
  • The 5 Ps