Managing pressure in your team

Professional Development


Pressure can bring out the best in people, but stress has become the number one cause of long-term absence from work Delegates will recognise the signs and symptoms of stress in themselves and others. They will then look at coping strategies and more proactive techniques to prevent pressure building into stress

Suitable For

This course is designed for new or prospective managers looking for the opportunity for guided reflection and improvement.

01 Oct 2019
2 CPD hours
2 hours

Managing pressure in your team

Date: 01 Oct 2019
Time: 09:30 - 11:30

Cost: GBP 99

Learning Outcomes

Having attended this course, delegates will:

  • Recognise signs of stress in themselves and others at an early stage
  • Better understand the impact of stress and therefore the importance of alleviating it before it escalates
  • Have the tools and techniques to help themselves and others cope better in stressful situations


  • Introduction
  • Stress styles
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Effects of stress
  • Principles of coping with stress
  • Preventing stress at work