AML CPD Series 2019 (4pm-5pm)

Professional Development


Achieving your statutory AML CPD can be a challenge. The aim of this extremely popular series is to provide 12 hours of practical and relevant CPD in a lively format. Delivered over the course of the year, the topics covered in the twelve one-hour seminars are crucial for building and maintaining your knowledge in today’s fast-moving environment.

A new programme is designed each year to ensure that your CPD is relevant and topical.

Designed to be flexible around you, these sessions run three times a day allowing you to choose a time that suits your busy schedule.

Each session is repeated at:
8am–9am, 1pm–2pm, 4pm–5pm

When booking the Series please select your preferred time. Once booked, individual seminar times may be changed by contacting our bookings team:

Individual seminars are £55. The full series can be booked for a discounted cost.

Suitable For

This series will be of interest to anyone working in the finance sector including MLCOs, MLROs, anti-financial crime specialists, compliance professionals, directors and those working in risk management.

07 Mar 2019 - 12 Dec 2019
12 CPD hours
12 monthly seminars

Learning Outcomes

  • The programme is designed to ensure all delegates will gain an understanding of the range of financial crime types and the vulnerability of their businesses to these crimes
  • The programme will equip delegates with an understanding of financial crime prevention systems and controls
  • Delegates will be able to analyse risks presented to their organisations


  • Affordable, quality CPD
  • Flexibility
    • times to suit your busy schedule
    • delegate places are interchangeable between employees of the same organisation
  • Hard copies of speakers’ notes/slides provided at each seminar – subject to availability
  • CPD certificates of attendance for each session

Programme Content

Sessions can be booked individually as required or as a complete programme.

AML CPD Series 2019 – Seminar 1: From Russia with cash – examining the issues of dealing with Russia

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  • Background and mood change
  • Examining the impact of corruption and UK property market
  • Ensuring effective risk management strategies
  • Illustrative case study

AML CPD Series 2019 – Seminar 2: Stretching the reach of sanctions – assessing the impact of the UK Magnitsky Act

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  • What is it?
  • Background and drivers
  • Impact – extension of sanctions
  • Case study – examining potential risk and impact

AML CPD Series 2019 – Seminar 3: "Strong arm of the law" – examining LEA developments

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  • Examining recent LEA developments and update on contemporary cases
  • Deferred prosecution Agreement (DPAs)
  • Unexplained Wealth Orders – aka the "McMafia" orders
  • OFSI – UK sanctions update
  • FCA – new approaches and impact

AML CPD Series 2019 – Seminar 4: A review of the Danske Bank Laundromat – connecting the dots

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  • Anatomy of a the money laundering scandal
  • Financial flows – have we followed all of the money?
  • Lessons learnt from key failures

AML CPD Series 2019 – Seminar 5: MLROs under pressure? Review of current regulatory and court actions

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  • Assessing the role – do MLROs face an unfair regulatory burden?
  • Review of enforcement action to date
  • Lessons learnt
  • Insurance considerations

AML CPD Series 2019 – Seminar 6: Bribery and corruption update – usual suspects and emerging stars

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  • Round-up and examination of latest high-profile cases
  • Considering local contamination risk
  • Learning to spot the [not necessarily] obvious red flags

AML CPD Series 2019 – Seminar 7: Investment fraud and values – round-up of recent regulatory action

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  • How do they do it? A review of common market abuse techniques
  • How much does it really cost us?
  • The expense of restitution, regulatory fines and reputation!

AML CPD Series 2019 – Seminar 8: No safe havens – the impact of the Criminal Finances Act one year on

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  • Where are the prosecutions for tax evasion?
  • How reasonable do the reasonable procedures need to be in order to allow for a meaningful defence?
  • Does the offence go far enough? What else does HMRC have in store?

AML CPD Series 2019 – Seminar 9: Countering the financing of terrorism – what areas should an effective BRA consider when managing this risk?

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  • Top tips – using the FATF recommendations of PESTEL
  • Are you asking the right questions around Political issues, Economic factors, Social structure, Technological capabilities, Environment and geographical features and Legislation?
  • Ensuring an effective risk assessment in line with current National Risk Assessment (NRA) thinking

AML CPD Series 2019 – Seminar 10: Governance – ultimate defence or white elephant?

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  • A review of latest governance thinking:
    • Board compensation
    • Risk management
  • Meeting your regulator’s governance expectations

AML CPD Series 2019 – Seminar 11: CDD update – UBOs (Uncovered Beneficial Owners or Unexplainable Beneficial Owners?)

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  • Who or what is the UBO?
  • UBO – understanding the pressure on public disclosure
  • Managing the risk of the undisclosed agent
  • How well are we doing as a jurisdiction?

AML CPD Series 2019 – Seminar 12: You heard it here first – what might 2020 hold?

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  • Post-Brexit influences
  • USA
  • UK influences: FCA/SFO/NCA
  • Tax evasion and mission creep
  • New markets and opportunities