2019 Singapore Anti-money Laundering (half-day) Forum

Professional Development


As a major international financial centre Singapore is inherently susceptible to being abused by criminals looking to commit financial crime. Recent cases have clearly shown the importance of financial services businesses managing the risk of being involved in money laundering and other illicit financial flows. This half-day forum will explore the key risks facing the financial services businesses in Singapore and propose risk management solutions to help those working for these businesses to manage the risks.

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This event is essential training for all compliance managers and those responsible for client due diligence and on-boarding. It will also be of interest to MLCOs, MLROs, financial crime prevention specialists and those working in risk management.

11 Jul 2019
4 CPD hours
4 hours

2019 Singapore Anti-money Laundering (half-day) Forum

Date: 11 Jul 2019
Time: 13:00 - 17:00

Cost: USD 325